I came into Al‑Anon angry, hurting, and confused as to how I managed a career, but seemed to consistently fail in my personal relationships. I had no idea that being raised in an alcoholic home had affected me so deeply. More importantly, I never had hope that life could be any different. But through my distress and pain, I landed in Al‑Anon where I found others who understood me. I’ll never forget the moment I heard them share and discovered that our stories sounded the same—I was no longer alone!

My struggles did not go away immediately, but at the urging of other members, I kept coming back. When I began working with a Sponsor and authentically began studying the Steps, my life began to improve. Today, even though some of the relationships ended that I had so desperately tried to force, I have fallen in love with the life I have. Al‑Anon gave me hope and a brand-new way to see the world.

By Kay A., Oklahoma

The Forum, April 2021


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