Last October, World Service Office (WSO) Staff attended a service meeting of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Al‑Anon structures, better known as the Ibero-American Zonal Meeting. This virtual meeting was hosted by members of the Peruvian General Service Office.

Despite the dual challenge of participating in a virtual meeting with interpretation, everyone present felt the interest and enthusiasm of the trusted servants attending. The host committee and member structures worked together for two years to prepare. As a result, the event lived up to its theme, “Más Unidos Que Nunca” (More United Than Ever). The main topics of conversation were communication—with each other and with the WSO—and availability and distribution of Conference Approved Literature. Staff learned a great deal and came away with an improved understanding of the needs of these structures and the members they serve. The 2023 meeting will be hosted by Argentina with the theme “Unidad en la Diversidad con Esperanza y Acción” (Unity in Diversity with Hope and Action).

The Forum, March 2022

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