After years in the Al‑Anon program without much recovery, I was finally able to accept Step One and admit my powerlessness over alcoholism with the help of my Higher Power. My denial had been deep, but last year I witnessed my beloved daughter, active in her disease, creating a dangerous environment for her children. She relapsed repeatedly within a short time span, leaving us to care for her little ones. My Higher Power spoke to me and showed me that it is possible to still love my daughter and hate the disease. I needed to take immediate action for the safety of her children, and I did. I admitted I was powerless over alcoholism, and this acceptance allowed me the freedom to think clearly and also to be respectful to my child in the midst of a firestorm. I reached out for a Sponsor and, despite a tumultuous year, have experienced peace and serenity.

By Anonymous

 The Forum, June 2022

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