Letters Sent to 87 Groups

At the close of the A.A. General Service Conference, Lois invited the A.A. Delegates’ wives to lunch at her home, Stepping Stones…She then decide to open an office there with a close friend and neighbor, Anne B.

They received a list from the A.A. Foundation of 87 nonalcoholic individuals or family groups from the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Ireland…In May 1951, they (Lois and Anne) sent a questionnaire with the intention of unifying the family groups. As a result…the name Al‑Anon Family Groups was chosen. With A.A.’s permission, they adopted the Twelve Steps, and later (1954) the Twelve Traditions, as guiding principles.

Al‑Anon: Then and Now (a brief history) AR‑2