As a member, you may want to see how you can identify with the 13,305 members who participated in the WSO’s twelfth study. The Summary helps newcomers and members answer questions such as “How am I different from other members?” and “How am I the same as them?”

The Survey Summary is also a useful outreach tool. It can help members to introduce the Al-Anon program to families of alcoholics or to include quick facts in presentations to professionals. The Summary includes:

  • The ratio of females to males, ages of female and male members, and members’ relationships to an active drinker.
  • The intergenerational effects (effects spanning two or more generations) of alcoholism in members’ families.
  • Al-Anon’s positive effects on members’ lives.
  • The influence that professional referrals have on clients, and the high rate (84 percent) of patients and clients who began attending Al-Anon as a result of a professional referral.

The Survey is simply a snapshot of the fellowship in a six-week period. Members have a choice to access the Survey Summary or the complete report.