The vitality of Al‑Anon Family Groups depends upon reaching and serving as many people as possible to provide hope, help, and recovery for those suffering from the family disease of alcoholism. Technology makes it possible for the World Service Office (WSO) to expand our reach in the services we provide, thereby increasing our capacity to serve our members.

One of the ways we have improved our technology has been to enhance the meeting search on our website so newcomers and members alike can more accurately locate meetings happening in the moment. Along with that, we have updated our database so that electronic meetings can be registered in the same manner as in-person meetings. Our ongoing investment in the Al‑Anon Family Groups Mobile App allows members to attend meetings via their electronic devices.

Additionally, the WSO has a responsibility to protect Al‑Anon’s information, and technology helps us do that. We have invested in enhanced cybersecurity measures to better protect our networks and data and to help reduce the risk of hacking. We are expanding our use of cloud-based technology, which offers strong data protection, decreasing the risk of losing important documents and databases. Investing in technology enables the WSO, as the information clearinghouse for the Al‑Anon fellowship, to expand our public outreach services, better communicate with our members, and protect Al‑Anon’s assets to ensure Al-Anon Family Groups remain available to offer hope and help to families of alcoholics.

The Forum, June 2023

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