Many members think of the World Service Office (WSO) as an authority that makes decisions that affect Al-Anon Family Groups as a whole. In fact, the WSO is a clearinghouse of information. The annual World Service Conference (WSC) acts as our largest representative group conscience, where members discuss and deliberate on world service matters.

All past WSC Summaries (P-46) are chock full of the discussions held at Conference. However, the Summary is an overview of everything that happened. After participating in the WSC, your Area Delegate prepares a report to share further details and personal reflection on the experience.

To discover the full story, members are invited to attend Area events, such as Assemblies and District meetings, where the Delegate shares his or her Conference report and answers member questions. In this way, we have the chance to be informed, participate in the conversation, and support our groups, trusted servants, and the worldwide fellowship of Al-Anon.