As I reflect on my early days of recovery, I realize how thankful I am for Al‑Anon. I did what many other members did with their alcoholics—emptied out liquor bottles, yelled, screamed, cried, and begged him to stop drinking. I spent many sleepless nights wondering who was going to find out about my problems or worried he was going to kill someone while driving drunk. I was afraid to go shopping or travel with friends for fear something would happen while I was gone. I tried daily to reason with him, but to no avail. The lies he told were hurtful, and yet he had a way of convincing me he could or would stop: “Just one more chance, pleeeeease,” he would beg.

One day, after several months in Al‑Anon, I was sitting on my porch and realized I could hear the birds singing and children laughing. I felt serenity and peace for the first time in my life. I finally realized there was nothing I could do to make him stop drinking. I am blessed to have Al‑Anon in my life, and I will “Keep Coming Back.”

By Mary S.

The Forum, November 2022


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