When I began to realize that my husband had a problem with alcohol, I argued with him and cried all the time. My emotions were just uncontrollable. My children noticed before I did that he drank every day. This all started when he retired. He was depressed and lonely, and he drank.

I’d heard about Al‑Anon and finally decided to try out some meetings. I found one I really liked and stayed. Everyone seemed so friendly and happy. I probably cried at every meeting for the first two months. People kept telling me, “Keep Coming Back.” Then COVID-19 hit, and there were no more face-to-face meetings near me. An Al‑Anon member asked if I wanted to try electronic meetings, and I have been going ever since. It’s been more than a year.

It’s wonderful to attend these meetings and listen to everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Talking with others about the family disease of alcoholism has really expanded my outlook on the disease, and I feel very comfortable with this awesome group of people. Ours is a well-organized and positive group. I even started volunteering—to serve as Treasurer, meeting Chairperson, and Host. I am somewhat of an introvert, and volunteering helped me connect with people better.

Today, our home is much more relaxed and peaceful. Using the slogans and reading the literature has given me the encouragement to continue loving the alcoholic—with detachment. I am enjoying the simple things in life—birdwatching, sunsets, gardening, daily walks. Al‑Anon has given me such a positive attitude. I say the Serenity Prayer every night before I fall asleep. I also enjoy reading the daily readers every night. I think I am going to read one page and end up reading five or six pages. I still struggle every day, but now I have more happy days than sad ones.

By Anonymous

The Forum, January 2022


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