I remember the first day of visitation when my son was in a treatment center. He suggested that I attend an Al‑Anon meeting afterward. It was truly an invitation by my Higher Power to take that giant step forward.

I remember that I listened, I cried and I hugged. I was hooked by something that was said in that meeting, something that I felt, and I went back the next week. Here I am five years later, still going back for more. I never dreamed I would find a place where I felt so welcomed, so loved, so wanted. People encouraged me to “Keep Coming Back.” I found a place where I learned all about myself—my strengths, my weaknesses, my worth, my sense of humor.

This program is for me. I learned to take care of myself and, in so doing, am a better person. Peace, serenity, happiness, and love are words I use today because they are words that make up who I am.

By Julie B., Florida

The Forum, October 2017