Consider having a discussion in your Al‑Anon meetings on the following topics:

  • Reaching out to local Alateen Group Sponsors or Alateen members to inquire if they have sufficient Conference Approved Literature (CAL) to support their meeting.
  • Welcoming teenagers into the Al‑Anon meeting whether there is an Alateen meeting or not.
  • Inviting an Alateen speaker to participate in your Al‑Anon group anniversary or special celebrations.
  • Having the Al‑Anon group consider passing the basket on a regular basis to support Alateen.
  • Consider the idea of suggesting an Alateen fundraiser at a District event, Area Assembly, or Area World Service Committee (AWSC) meeting.
  • Suggest the Group Representative (GR) take the topics discussed to the District meeting.

It can sometimes be difficult for Alateen groups to become fully self-supporting. This is where Al‑Anon members and groups can help. “Together We Can Make It!”