Alateen has helped me to have hope. I know that I have hope when I don’t feel lonely anymore. I know that I have hope when the future doesn’t look bleak and I have things to look forward. Also, the “Serenity Prayer” has helped me establish a balance. This is something that I should prac¬tice more often. Its words are so true and I need them in my life.

When I make a mistake, a negative thought might pop up into my head first but now with Alateen I try to turn it into positive and ask, “Is this so important that I’ll remember a year from now? When other people make mistakes, I usually tell them that it’s not as big of a deal as they think and that it’ll pass and they’ll be okay. Sometimes I realize that what I tell myself it is not always as positive as the things I tell other people.


Alateen Talk, Summer 2017