Articles by professionals are often the “tipping point” for the potential newcomer to follow through on their therapist’s/counselor’s or health care clinician’s recommendation to attend Al‑Anon. In these articles, professionals describe how they identify families of alcoholics, the importance of family recovery, and the benefits of attending Al-Anon or Alateen. The desired outcome is that Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism (AFA) readers will be motivated to take the next step—to contact Al-Anon for more information.

Please invite Al-Anon-friendly professionals you know to write an article for the next issue of the AFA magazine and give them a copy of the AFA Writing Guide for Professionals. If you prefer for the WSO to contact the professional, please send the professional’s name, email address, and telephone number to so that the WSO can contact them while retaining your anonymity.