I came to Al‑Anon years ago looking for tips on how to fix my alcoholic husband. I got a big surprise when you told me that I could only fix me. I am so glad that I stayed long enough to begin to heal myself and recover from this ugly disease. My husband never did find sobriety, but I found wisdom, support, and maturity in this program. I got strong enough to know that I was facing a brick wall with his disease, and my life and serenity was my responsibility. I decided to get a divorce and never regretted that decision; it is not the answer for everyone, but it was for me.

I then had to learn to live differently, and I embraced the changes that were necessary. Two years later, my oldest son committed suicide, and my life was once again turned upside down. With the tools of this program and the love and support of program friends, I have learned acceptance, self-love, compassion, and the big lesson of living “life on life’s terms.”

Many times, before Al‑Anon, I found myself in a tailspin, trying to accomplish the impossible. But today, I can use the tools I have gained. I have to be aware of myself, accept the realities of my life, and use what I have to work with. I no longer need to wait for some fantasy life in order to be happy. Thanks to Al‑Anon, happiness is here and now.

By Diane G., Quebec

The Forum, January 2023


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