Going to my first Al‑Anon International Convention was exciting, as I had never before had the opportunity to celebrate with members from around the world. The Convention this year promises to bring that same excitement that has stayed with me since my first!

Have you decided to attend? We sure hope so! Those attending Al‑Anon’s Sixth International Convention to be held July 6-8, 2018, in Baltimore, Maryland, will miss you if you haven’t decided to register. There is plenty of time. If you register by May 31, 2018, you will save $30.00. On site-registration will be $195.00. While hotels are filling up, there’s still a room for you!

Hugs will be found everywhere from restaurants to the BIG Meetings!

A spirit of celebration will be the experience of all as we share our recovery, unity and hope.

The opening parade is a place where you can join in by wearing a costume or outfit representing your state, province, territory or country!

Meeting topics will give you great ideas for future home-group discussions.

Acquire a special 50th Anniversary edition (with a Convention bookplate) of our beloved book One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon (B-6). This keepsake will be a cherished remembrance of this celebratory event!

Be among the first to get the new book about intimacy and alcoholic relationships!

Have you decided to take a vacation? If so, plan on visiting and sharing with us in Baltimore for a few days and then visit the wonderful sites in the Maryland/DC areas.

All the information you need about Al‑Anon’s Sixth International Convention can be found on the website at al‑anon.org/international or by calling the World Service Office.

I look forward to seeing you soon as we come together in Baltimore! So let’s get this celebration started!

By Marsha W., Director of Programs