I came to Al‑Anon as a way of getting my kids to go to Alateen. I told them I would try it out first. We had been living with active alcoholism for 10 years by that point. I was scared to go, but had to show my kids the way. I honestly was very angry I had to go to Al‑Anon. I was not the one with the drinking problem. My husband was the alcoholic.

At my first meeting, I had so much anger in me. I am still surprised people did not run for the door. Instead, they nodded their heads, told me they understood, and told me to keep coming back.

I felt relief from that first meeting. It was nice to know I was not alone, and that I was not crazy. I kept coming back and found hope, healing, and comfort.

I have a long way to go, but have already experienced a miracle within Al‑Anon. I am not angry anymore. I have put into perspective that my hus‑ band is a very sick man, but I can choose to be happy and healthy.

Today, my focus is not on fixing him, but on being the person I want to be. Al‑Anon has made me a better mom and person. I am so grateful to this program. It has saved my life.

By Kim W., Wisconsin
Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2017