When is a great time to share information about the Al-Anon program in order to help families and friends of alcoholics find us? September offers some definite advantages:

  • Many people, including professionals, have returned to work from summer vacations.
  • Students are back in schools and colleges.

Special nationwide events related to alcoholism also occur in September:

  • September is National Recovery Month in the US.
  • Canada’s Recovery Day events are observed this month in cities across the country.

The 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27) tells us that cooperation increases awareness of our program (see page 118). One public outreach activity can make a difference. September is a great time to consider:

  • Ordering AFA 2019 magazines to distribute to professionals and public places.
  • “Adopting” a library to provide Al-Anon’s Outreach Bookmarks (M-76) ([SM-76] Spanish and [FM-76] French).
  • Inviting the public and professionals to a meeting where observers are welcome .

Although we are a “One Day at a Time” program, it helps to think about reaching out to families of alcoholics in advance. In the interim, enjoy the summer!