1. The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Service are part of our program and belong to the fellowship. They may be reprinted in newsletters and in meeting schedules without WSO’s specific written permission. Credit (attribution) should be given as follows: “Reprinted with permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.”
  2. If the Twelve Steps, Traditions or Concepts of Service are to be included on any item printed by a group, district or area which will be sold, written permission is needed. Alcoholics Anonymous holds the copyright on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions; you will need first to secure permission in writing from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous, P.O. Box 459, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163) to use the Steps or Traditions. Once you have obtained AA’s permission, send a copy with your request to use Al-Anon’s Steps or Traditions to the Al-Anon WSO. To use the Twelve Concepts of Service, you must request permission from the Al-Anon WSO.

In either case it is necessary to note proper credit – this insures that individuals who are not in the fellowship are alerted that the Steps, Traditions and Concepts of Service are copyrighted.