1. The World Service Conference consists of the following persons:

a) State, provincial and territorial Delegates from the United States, Canada, and Bermuda.;

b) Trustees of the Corporation;

c) Al-Anon members who serve as Directors and Associate Directors of the World Service Office;

d) The persons comprising the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees; and

e) Such other persons as deemed necessary for Conference business and representatives from countries not served by the World Service Conference Structure may be admitted by Conference vote. These persons may participate but not vote.

  1. The World Service Conference shall be the permanent body empowered to express the conscience of the Al-Anon fellowship.
  1. The Board of Trustees shall consult with the World Service Conference and, when required, accept its decision. However, the Board of Trustees shall continue to be vested with the full legal powers and responsibilities for the World Service Office.
  1. Three‑fourths of all authorized participants registered at the Conference may bring about a reorganization of the World Service Office as or when it is deemed essential. They may request the resignation of the entire Board of Trustees and the nomination of a new slate of Trustees. In this regard the annual election of Trustees shall be subject to the understanding of each Trustee, that his resignation may be requested by the Conference, subject to the further understanding that prior to any such resignation becoming effective each Trustee shall be requested to vote for the successor slate of Trustees presented by the Conference. For the purpose of bringing about a reorganization of the World Service Office, the number of World Service Office participants voting shall be limited to one‑fourth of the total Conference vote.