In my brief tenure at the World Service Office, I have had many opportunities to see the worldwide fellowship of Al‑Anon in action. Attending the World Service Conference, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Al‑Anon members from a few other countries. At the 2018 International Convention, I had the privilege of meeting many Al‑Anon members from many countries all around the world. The Parade of Love was a beautiful demonstration of the worldwide fellowship of Al‑Anon. This is where I began to understand the true meaning of the Al‑Anon Declaration. I am filled with much gratitude knowing that we really are available for when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help.

I will forever hold those memories in my mind and in my heart. I also enjoyed keeping up with members as they traveled back home, posting pictures in the International Convention mobile app. It was a constant reminder of the hope and love we all share in this program. I am grateful for my position at the WSO because I am able to serve our community by helping to make our program more accessible to people around the world.

This year we introduced a new Al‑Anon Family Groups mobile app as a new way for members to connect with one another.  Unlike the International Convention app, which was only available for a year after the event, this mobile app will continue to be available for members to use for holding electronic meetings, and to connect and chat with their Al‑Anon family. This mobile app will extend our ability to respond to “anyone, anywhere reaching out for help.” Much like my regular electronic meeting, which includes members from other countries, the mobile app helps us truly embrace worldwide unity.

By Scot P., Associate Director—Digital Strategy

The Forum, October 2020

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