I could have written a novel about what alcoholism and addiction did to me and those around me, but today my novel would be completely different. Working the Al‑Anon program helped me move past the anger, bitterness and lack of healthy family experiences that came with growing up with an alcoholic. It also helped me face the effects of leaving home very young to create my own chaotic marriage and eventual divorce from an alcoholic/addict.

Al‑Anon opened my eyes to a sunnier, happier life. I learned that I am in control of my own life, thoughts and behaviors. I could no longer blame the past, my dad, my ex or others for my choices. Today, I have a choice to smile and welcome the sunshine of healing into my life. I have a choice to pick up the phone and call a trusted Al‑Anon friend when I’m feeling blue. I have the choice to go to a meeting and embrace the warm hugs and healing sharing. Alcoholism is still causing chaos in our blended family, but I don’t have to participate in the drama. I am so thankful for all the healthy changes in my life. I found a wonderful friend in Al‑Anon—me.

Daisy P., California