As newcomers and members feel safe to return to in-person meetings to find help and comfort in Al-Anon and Alateen meeting rooms, it is important for groups to verify that the face‑to‑face meeting information on display to the public and in the WSO’s records is still current. 

Here are a few things your group can do to help people find your meeting:

  • If appropriate, remove the group’s temporary electronic meeting information from local meeting lists, Area listings, and the World Service Office.
  • Verify the group’s phone contacts if these have been published for public inquiries and newcomers’ calls.
  • Update the group record to include specific location instructions, such as where to park, a room number, a suite or a floor, the description of the building, etc.
  • Before every meeting, place signage outside and inside the building to direct newcomers and others to the meeting room.

You can update your Al-Anon group information anytime online. For help with submitting Alateen changes, contact your Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP).