Day of Connecting

If you are coming to the International Convention, why not come early and spend July 5, the day before the Convention, learning, sharing and deepening your understanding and commitment to our third legacy:  Service.  Workshops, panels, round table discussions on a variety of service topics will be hosted by the Board of Trustees and members of the WSO staff.  The day promises to be a stimulating and exciting boost to your program and a fantastic way to kick off your weekend in Baltimore meeting others who share their love for service.  There is a participation limit; registration is required.

Al-Anon’s International Reach—Our Worldwide Fellowship2019-01-30T08:14:52-05:00

You may be sound asleep, but in a different time zone halfway around the world another home group is meeting. Hear more about Al-Anon in other countries and languages. Learn about the International Al‑Anon General Services Meeting (IAGSM) and the Central and South American Zonal Meetings, plus the struggles and triumphs of Al-Anon around the world. The hand of Al-Anon reaches far and wide.


Telephone Book or the Internet—What’s Your Digital Age? Al-Anon on Social Media2019-01-30T08:14:53-05:00

This session will help us understand the new ways friends and families are finding Al-Anon, whether “in the book” or by “Googling it.” Where are we “listed,” and how can we help spread the word while keeping within the Twelve Traditions? Learn about Al-Anon on the internet, specifically social media. We hope you will “like” it!


Know Your WSO—Service IS Its Middle Name!2019-01-30T08:14:53-05:00

What happens at the office does not stay at the office! Find out more about the World Service Office and the daily activities of our service center. Our clearinghouse serves potential members as well as current members, groups, Areas and worldwide Al-Anon structures.


Al-Anon’s Financial Stewardship—Gratitude in Action2019-01-30T08:14:53-05:00

From reading the quarterly appeal to putting a generous donation in the Seventh Tradition basket, learn all there is to know about how your contributions are spent to fulfill our primary purpose: “to help families and friends of alcoholics.” Gain a greater understanding of how spiritual principles are the foundation of our financial matters.


Dusty Bookshelves Full of CAL – Going Beyond the Daily Readers2019-01-30T08:14:53-05:00

Falling in love with all of our Conference Approved Literature (CAL) is as easy as dusting off other literature and opening up the pages. Need more information on relationships and communication? The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage (B-4). Need some help with Steps Two, Three and Eleven? As We Understood…(B-11)

—and more! Plus, we have electronic CAL—find out what you can purchase and download—just dust off your screen and enjoy.


Tag—You’re It! NOW WHAT?—Becoming the Leaders Others Know You Can Be2019-01-30T08:14:54-05:00

Stepping up to service can be scary for many of us—time commitments, numerous fears, character defects, etc. How can we encourage small and big service adventures for all Al-Anon members? Service is an integral part of recovery—let’s get everyone involved.


Attitudes—Are Mine Worth Catching? The Twelve Traditions2019-01-30T08:14:54-05:00

Finding unity in the Traditions—the Traditions recommend group attitudes toward leadership, membership, money, property, public relations and anonymity. They are suggestions, but our survival may depend on adherence to these principles.


The Three T’s of Public Outreach—Tips, Tools and Techniques—Successful Public Outreach2019-01-30T08:14:54-05:00

Plan a successful outreach project in your Group, District or Area. Hear what works and how to get it done.  Share ideas on how to involve members in special projects and generate enthusiasm for Twelfth-Step work.


Are They Still the Best Kept Secret in Al-Anon? Living the Twelve Concepts of Service2019-01-30T08:14:55-05:00

Great advances have been made in understanding how to apply the Twelve Concepts in our personal lives.  Let’s talk about how the Concepts and their principles guide Group, District and Area service activities as well as define working relations among all who participate in Al-Anon’s service structure.


Young Members Wanted: Alateen Opportunities2019-01-30T08:14:55-05:00

Alateen meetings online and on the ground—discover what is available today for our Alateen members. Learn the ins and outs of online chat meetings and how they are doing. What might be next for Alateen? Come share your ideas.


Big “P” or Little “p” — Big “T” or Little “t”2019-01-30T08:14:55-05:00

What difference does a capital letter make when arriving at decisions in your group, District or Area? Consider the difference between a big “P” of Policy and a little p,” as well as a big “T,” Tradition, and a little “t.” Why even mention this? What does it mean? Understand how these differences affect decision making and sometimes Al-Anon as whole.


“FaceTime” it’s not what it used to be!—The Changing “Face” of Meetings2019-01-30T08:14:56-05:00

Our fellowship has experienced significant growth in online and phone meetings. Are you curious about how they work? What does anonymity look like over the internet or on a cell phone or laptop? Share your experience with online and phone meetings.


Leadership Talks2019-01-30T08:14:56-05:00

Learn more about how Al-Anon works. Listen to Al-Anon members in leadership roles share their service experiences. Hear about service involvement, time commitments, and how serving has affected their personal lives. Take this opportunity to hear from the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, the Chairperson of the Executive Committee, several of the Trustees who serve on the Board, several Area Delegates and the Leadership Team from WSO. Enthusiasm for service participation may be catching!


Roundtable Discussions2019-01-30T08:14:56-05:00

Perhaps you want to connect with another Group Representative (GR), District Representative (DR), Area Officer, or Al-Anon Information Service (AIS)/Literature Distribution Center (LDC) volunteer and talk about your service role? Seize this opportunity to collaborate with someone from another Area in an informal setting. Grab a chair and enjoy sharing your experience, strength and hope. Signs will identify the various roundtable discussion topics—or create your own (Service Guidelines will be available as a resource.)

Or, maybe you’re concerned about something that might affect Al-Anon’s future or a current issue that could affect Al-Anon as a whole. Roundtables offer the opportunity to hear what is going on in other meetings or Areas. Join these conversations, as together members talk to each other and reason things out.


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