Concept Nine states: “Good personal leadership at all service levels is a necessity. In the field of world service the Board of Trustees assumes the primary leadership.” My first thought is, “What does this have to do with me?” In order for me to wrap my head around this, I need to put my head directly into Al‑Anon service and what it means to put the focus on Al‑Anon.

I have come to believe that the Al‑Anon program is a way of life for me. As a result, I have come to admit that I am powerless over people, places, and things. I am not in charge. I have a Higher Power that knows the best plan for me, and I need to stay out of the way in order to reap the rewards of that plan. I do not have to question the plan or force a solution to the plan. I can trust the process.

Many times, the process requires that I listen to others and, in the spirit of unity, think about what is best for the group and not just me. This idea has helped me not just in Al‑Anon, but at home with my family and in my employment over the years. Just because I may feel that I must come up with a solution to a particular issue, does not mean I bulldoze my way through to the other side. I need to take other ideas into consideration—and really consider them in the spirit that they are offered.

What I find is that this comes easier when it pertains to Al‑Anon service but not as easy when it comes to situations involving family or work. I have come to accept that it is okay to take the risk to practice this in all of my affairs. I am further reminded that in my home I am not the self-appointed Chairperson of the Board! There is a core unit of people that makes decisions. That unit involves more than just “the great” me! The opinion of that body matters, and I have the duty and responsibility to listen to it with the same respect as when it listens to me. When I approach situations from this perspective, I am able to be flexible with sharing the decision-making process. Most times, because of Al‑Anon, the solution that I had in my head is nowhere near where I end up!

By Sue P., Associate Director—Group Services

The Forum, January 2021

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