Sharing in meetings has always been super hard for me. I tend not to speak up much in meetings. My natural tendency is to isolate—both when things are going well and when I am struggling. As I have grown in the Al‑Anon program, I have experienced a great sense of relief each and every time I share.

Speaking about my experiences living with alcoholism validates my feelings, thoughts, and concerns. In Al-Anon, I have the wonderful opportunity to talk with a group of caring individuals whose life experiences are similar to mine. This is a privilege I had never enjoyed until I came into this program. To know that something I share may help the next person fills me with joy and gratitude for the progress I have made in learning to live in a healthy way utilizing the principles of the program.

Since being in Al-Anon, all of my relationships have improved. As I have become more comfortable hearing my own voice reflect about my life experiences, my awareness of how I impact what is happening around me has also increased. Since I am better able to accurately represent my needs and experiences, I am better able to advocate for myself in all areas of my life.

I still have a long way to go, but when I share, I feel the clouds parting and the sun shining through to illuminate reality. When I live in reality, I can make better choices and take better care of myself. I am so grateful for this gift Al‑Anon has given me.

By Willow M., Oregon

The Forum, August 2021


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