Before I came to Alateen, I was very insecure and I had very little self-esteem. I was so worried about what everybody else thought about me. I was afraid of making a bad impression.

I was very young when I came to Alateen. I didn’t know about Alateen or about alcoholism. It was very hard for me to share because I was too shy. It was hard making friends with other Alateen members. Later on, I started coming more because my mom said it could really help me. The more I kept coming, the more I started getting connected to Alateen. Now, I’ve been in Alateen for seven years and I am very grateful. Alateen has helped me express my emotions better and take care of myself physically. Alateen has helped me to control my anger. Before, if I couldn’t get things to go my way, I would yell, get very impatient, and be overwhelmingly angry. Now, I am at peace and happy. I want to thank God for putting Alateen in my life.

By Ileana