Vitally important to clarify first is that the only place anyone can purchase Al-Anon’s ebooks and audiobooks is through certain electronic media providers. In return for their royalty fee, these providers handle all set-up, processing, and digital rights management, which protects our ebooks and audiobooks from being pirated. At this time, it would be cost-prohibitive for the World Service Office (WSO) to set up this capability on our own website. Ordering through the links to electronic vendors on the Online Bookstore ensures that you are buying ebooks authorized by Al-Anon.

In a related way, when you buy a physical book, a portion of the price you pay covers the printing, which is also handled by an outside vendor. However, the WSO does not contract with outside booksellers for printed books. As a nonprofit organization, the WSO must sell literature to anyone who wants it. While groups and members can buy Al-Anon books wherever they choose, it is important to know that buying printed books from outside booksellers supports outside entities. Purchasing books from local Al-Anon Literature Distribution Centers or the WSO supports local Al‑Anon services and the Al‑Anon fellowship worldwide.

The Forum, June 2022

Feel free to reprint this article on your service arm website or newsletter, along with this credit line: Reprinted with permission of The Forum, Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA.