Because of my recovery in Al‑Anon, my relationship with my two children has greatly improved. My son is 11 years old and my daughter, nine. In the past, when they started kindergarten, I was overly protective of both. I worried about them all the time and hardly focused on myself.
I enabled my son and my daughter when it came to school and sports, but I had little patience for them at home. I would be frustrated a lot, I know now, because I was trying to control them and my alcoholic husband.
Since my recovery, I have more patience with my children. Instead of nagging him, I leave my son alone when he is doing his homework. I use the slogans, “Let Go and Let God,” or “How Important Is It?” and “Live and Let Live” during times when I’m losing my serenity and being a controlling mother.
I feel the best gifts I can give my children are the tools and knowledge I have learned in the Al‑Anon program. It’s funny how I didn’t notice in the past how wonderful my children really are—I just presumed they were incapable of doing anything on their own. Now I have faith they will grow up just fine.

Crystal V., Alberta