The World Service Office (WSO) is pleased to announce the release and the YouTube Premiere of the 2021–2022 Al-Anon Public Service Announcements (PSAs). New this year is the Benefits of Al-Anon Recovery PSA.

Please join us for the YouTube Premiere that will take place on August 28, 2021, at 7:00 pm EDT:

  • Go to YouTube, either log in to your account or create one
  • Subscribe to the Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. channel, and
  • Click the bell to set up a reminder.

While the faces and voices in the PSA are those of actors, the quotes are real. They were taken directly from members who submitted them through the anonymous Al-Anon Membership Survey and speak to the regained hope and peace of mind that members found in Al‑Anon.

The PSA campaign will still feature the Questions PSA, which introduces Al‑Anon Family Groups to the public—encouraging people affected by another person’s drinking to try Al‑Anon for help.

The PSAs are available in English, French, and Spanish and will be distributed to nearly 2,200 broadcast television stations and networks and more than 7,800 radio stations in the US and Canada. Thanks to the generous commitment of stations offering free airplay, the PSAs reach millions of people every year with the Al‑Anon message of help and hope.

Due to the tremendous increase in airplays during last year’s campaign, the WSO will be using the same vendor to distribute the PSAs again this year. As a result, member outreach to local TV and radio stations is no longer necessary. We are very grateful for your participation in prior years!

Members can still participate, however, by sharing the PSAs, from YouTube or, to their social media networks. Please remember to protect your anonymity on social media by not making comments that would reveal your Al-Anon membership. Please contact your Area Public Outreach Coordinator with any questions you may have.