“I am learning one day at a time how to keep my serenity, even in the middle of a storm.”
I always knew something was not quite right in my home while I was growing up, but I could never find the right answers. I tried to make sense of the insanity, always to no avail. I remember confiding in a friend one day in high school, and she said if I just keep my head up and act like nothing is wrong, no one will ever know. She, too, was growing up in an alcoholic home.
Later in life, my son displayed out-of-control drinking. He received a second driving-under-the-influence charge before finally entering treatment for alcoholism. As part of his program, I had to attend two Al‑Anon meetings each week. I was so thankful that he was getting help, and I wanted to support him the best I could. Now, I have been attending Al Anon for three years, usually at least two meetings a week.
At first I had a lot of fear, which other members said was normal. I listened mostly in the beginning, but as I began to learn the Al‑Anon program I realized that I, too, had valuable experiences to share. Through the process of working Al‑Anon’s Twelve Steps, I have received so much peace in my life. I am learning one day at a time how to keep my serenity, even in the middle of a storm. I have a home group in Al‑Anon and many new friends I look forward to seeing each week. We share our joys and our sorrows with each other.
I have an Al‑Anon Sponsor. I chair meetings and will represent my home group on the District level soon. I think there is something magical about these meetings. As we share, little by little, we heal. I keep coming back to meetings, as I cannot imagine my life without my wonderful Al‑Anon friends.

Kelly C., Louisiana