Every year, each Area in the World Service Conference Structure is required to take part in the Annual Alateen Recertification process in order to continue to use the Alateen name. This is explained in the 2003 Alateen Motion from the Board of Trustees and the policy for Alateen. Both are found beginning on page 93 of the 2022-2025 Al‑Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27), v2.

The recertification process is two-fold:

  1. To verify that every registered Alateen group has currently certified Al-Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS):
  • as Group Sponsor(s)
  • as the Current Mailing Address (CMA) for the Alateen group
  • as a Phone Contact for the public for the Alateen group
  1. To verify the current certification of all AMIAS

We are requesting that all Areas complete the Alateen recertification by June 15, 2023! 

This allows the WSO to verify that the Area recertification is complete by June 30.

Contact your Area Alateen Coordinator, Area Alateen Process Person, or District Representative to verify the process in your Area. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your recovery with teens and younger members!

The Forum, January 2023

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