Here are some interesting facts about one of the first Al-Anon pamphlets published as Conference Approved Literature (CAL) in 1961 . . .

  • The pamphlet was originally a booklet developed by Harold Black, a non-member, with the participation of members of the Prestonsburg, Kentucky Al‑Anon group in 1953.
  • The Clearing House (Al-Anon’s first World Service Office) distributed this pre-CAL version until 1961.
  • In July 1961, when groups received a summary of the first World Service Conference, they also received copies of the first two pieces designated as Conference Approved Literature:  Alcoholism, the Family Disease (P-4) and The Twelve Steps and Traditions (P-17).
  • The new version of Alcoholism, the Family Disease (P-4) was “a happy merger from the Literature Committee” that combined new material developed by the Literature Committee with the title and some sections from the Kentucky group, and additional content from the Triple A Family Groups booklet from Arizona.
  • When first printed, the “Three Obstacles to Success in Al‑Anon” was titled, “Three Enemies of Al‑Anon.”
  • The pamphlet was revised in 2005 to include an adult child’s story that had been removed from Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children (P-47) when that pamphlet was revised.