Although I had been attending Al‑Anon for three years, I was not convinced that we were dealing with alcoholism, until my husband said to me that he believed he was an alcoholic. I remember crying with relief. That was only the beginning of our journey of recovery.

Now, 25 years later, I know that no one chooses to be an alcoholic. I know that my husband did not wake up each morning thinking about how he could hurt me or the family. I also know that my husband was not responsible for my feelings, my happiness, my peace, or my serenity. All of those things were my responsibility. I picked up that responsibility “One Day at a Time,” little by little.

With the help of my Higher Power and Al‑Anon, I walk in that peace, happiness, and serenity almost all the time. Acceptance was the beginning of my recovery. Acceptance of not only alcoholism, but acceptance of how much I needed help. I found that help in Al‑Anon and I shall be forever grateful that Al‑Anon was there.

By Barbara S., Kansas
The Forum, January 2016