Before starting out in Al-Anon as a volunteer in service, I occasionally would hear terms that were unfamiliar to me, such as District, Area, or Area World Service Committee (AWSC). I was told that these meetings were part of Al-Anon’s links of service. During that time, I had just become comfortable with attending my group meetings, and I had no idea what these other meetings were all about. I was focused only on my recovery.

One day I asked someone to share what the focus was for these other meetings, and I was told that they were a part of our service structure—an opportunity for our links of service to come together. I also came to understand that service is a demonstration of our Twelve Traditions and Concepts of Service in action. My curiosity was ignited, and when I later became involved in service, I felt the excitement and spark for service.

When I started working for the World Service Office, part of my role was working with Al-Anon internationally. Within this diverse community of languages and cultures, I learned that, just like I received that opportunity within my community, it was exciting to see that spark ignite in members from around the world, too. After all, Al-Anon is a worldwide fellowship. I saw that enthusiasm indicated that a spark for service has no boundaries.

As our fellowship expands and grows on many platforms and in many places, it is so important for members to keep that spark of service alive. By inviting someone to a District, Area, or AWSC meeting, we will not only keep the spark for service alive, but we will most likely help ignite that same spark in others, too!

By Marsha W., Director of Programs

The Forum, May 2020