I’m a 61-year-old woman, but my time in Al‑Anon is short—only ten months, so I have little wisdom to share. As a relative newcomer, there seems to be so much to learn about Al‑Anon. The Twelve Steps are clear enough, but when I start to read beyond that, I get overwhelmed.

Although my home group meetings are organized, I don’t really understand much about the “world” part of Al‑Anon. Maybe someday these parts of Al‑Anon will become more real and clear to me. Right now, I’m just grateful that there were people to comfort and welcome me on that first night I walked into the room.

I have little wisdom to share; I am powerless. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed, but I know that there is a whole network that stretches around the globe of which my home group is a part—I’m so glad.

By Anonymous

The Forum, November 2020

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