A Little Time for Myself (B‑34)


A Little Time for Myself is a collection of daily thoughts and meditations based on the personal sharings of Al‑Anon members who live “One Day a Time.” In response to the 2014 World Service Conference motion that called for developing a new daily reader that reflects the current diversity of our fellowship, this book represents the personal experience and the many voices of Al‑Anon members today, just as the daily readers before it reflected the times in which they were written.

These pages mirror the many ways in which members practice the program in their lives. Their own interpretations of Al‑Anon’s spiritual principles, including reliance on “a Power greater than ourselves,” vary greatly. They demonstrate the freedom each member has to apply these principles in ways that work best for them as individuals and illustrate that Al‑Anon is indeed for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking.

This book exemplifies the statement in One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon that “Al‑Anon is for people—people who have a problem they want to solve by sharing their experiences, strengths and hopes with other people. The more varied the experience, the greater the strength and hope.”

January 1

I’m not in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions. Al‑Anon has shown me the importance of being present every day—“One Day at a Time.” If I work the Steps daily, I can make progress that adds up over time. I can even reach big goals that I never thought possible prior to recovery.

January was named for Janus, a god with two faces—one looking to the past and one to the future. Dwelling too much on the past can make me depressed, and worrying about the future can cause me undue anxiety. If I deal promptly with resentments and continue to take good care of myself, then I have no need to make sweeping promises once a year. Each day is a glorious new opportunity to practice healthy principles.

Today’s Reminder

What I practice every day matters more than what I might practice someday. Every day I work my recovery is its own celebration.

“Today is a chance to make a new start.” Alateen—a day at a time

How does being present aid my recovery?