Alateen has been a great experience. The first time I came to a meeting, I was nervous and shy, but then I started to open up and learn new things. I lived in a house with an alcoholic for about 13 years. Now, I am 16 and it’s just my mom and me in the house. Alateen has taught me to try to forgive my dad for the things he did, even though all of it may still hurt. It is difficult to separate the disease from the individual. My dad has a disease, but he is the reason why I am in this world. I may not forgive him always, but I am working on it. Alateen is a lot of fun. I’ve made a few new friends and they are really great. I like Alateen and I am grateful for it. I try to never miss a meeting. I am making progress and I am happy

By Kayla