Dear Families and Friends of Alcoholics,

The World Service Office (WSO) is aware that many Al‑Anon and Alateen groups are continuing to meet virtually on a temporary basis due to ongoing concerns about COVID 19 (the novel coronavirus) in our communities. The WSO supports these group decisions by posting electronic meeting information in the Location Instructions for these meetings. Therefore, we encourage all those seeking a meeting to check the meeting Location Instructions before visiting a new meeting at a physical location. We are grateful for your patience and understanding as groups practice their Tradition Four autonomy in this matter, since it does not impact Al‑Anon as a whole, and the situation evolves one day at a time.

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When there are no Alateen meetings available in the area, teens are welcome in Al-Anon meetings too.  Teenagers between 13 to 18 years old can also register to attend the Alateen Chat meetings.