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Al-Anon Helps When a Loved One Loses the Battle with Alcoholism

According to the most recent CDC data, 30,000 Americans lose their lives a year due to alcohol-induced causes. During January National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, family and friends who are dealing with the loss of a loved one to the disease of alcoholism can find support and help from Al-Anon Family Groups.

(PRWeb January 26, 2016)

Al-Anon Offers Life-Savers for Families of Alcoholics to Use During the Holidays

Techniques learned in Al-Anon help families of alcoholics come away from the holidays with an attitude of gratitude, instead of with the regrets and resentments that used to accompany family celebrations at this time of year.

(PRWeb December 24, 2015)

Al-Anon Offers Recovery and Relief to Families of Alcoholics During the Holidays

Al-Anon Family Groups understand when one member of a family is alcoholic, the whole family suffers. In Al-Anon and Alateen, it is possible for adults and children to find recovery and relief during the holidays, whether the alcoholic continues to drink or not.

(PRWeb December 22, 2015)