Al-Anon helps during spring break and summer vacations

Janet and Sharon, both active Al-Anon members, talk about how Al-Anon helped them during spring break and summer vacations.

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  1. Tina July 2014 at 8:32 am

    During my summer vacation, the thing that Al-Anon helped me with the most was trying very hard to focus on myself and what I could control and not having expectations. My sponsor has told me that when I expect certain things I am setting myself up for unhappiness. An expectation is a premeditated resentment. It seems like any time I’d think about what I hoped would happen and found myself expecting a certain outcome, I’d take a deep breath and let go and let God. I wanted to enjoy my time with my family, making good memories and progressing in my program. I can safely say that I owe a good vacation with more good memories than bad ones to my Al-Anon recovery.

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