Excerpts from this month’s Forum magazine 2017-11-29T12:33:04+00:00

Excerpts from this month’s Forum magazine

Cover Story

6 Avoiding the Yellow Line
By Richard L., Washington

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2 I Am Not Alone
By Gary

2 From Shame to Healing
By Michael D., Florida

4 I Put the Focus on Myself
By Lorraine H., New Mexico

5 Having Power over My Own Life
By Marge M., British Columbia

10 Learning the Art of Listening
By Hedi M., Iowa

11 Letting Go of Control
By Golda C., Oregon

12 The Best Me Ever
By Philomena D., Delaware

12 From Pleasing Others to Pleasing Myself
By Laura D., California

16 Two Perspectives on Sponsorship
By Anonymous

20 I No Longer Live in Fear
By Machell B., Minnesota

21 Living in Joy
By Helen S., Oregon

23 Service Helped Me Grow
By Michelle G., Utah

23 From Despair to Gratitude
By Stephanie T., Indiana

24 Letting Go of Expectations
By Shelly F., Nova Scotia

28 I Refrained from Judging
By Anonymous


8 Alateen

13 Inside Al Anon Family Groups

18 Our Members: Our Hope for the Future

22 Instant Meeting

26 CAL Corner

30 Our Three Legacies