Associate Director – International

The Associate Director ‑ International leads the World Service Office (WSO) efforts to develop and implement plans and programs to serve Al‑Anon Family Groups in countries without a service structure as well as to meet the needs of evolving structures and General Service Offices (GSOs).

The Associate Director also manages the International Team, ensuring the principles of the Twelve Concepts of Service are applied to create an atmosphere of trust and to offer principle‑based support to members across the worldwide fellowship.

If the opportunity to work with international representatives who carry the message of hope to families and friends of alcoholics across the globe speaks to you or brings to mind someone you know, you would provide a great service to the worldwide fellowship if you would share this job description.

We are excited to work with someone who is passionate about building relationships, implementing plans, managing, and empowering others to carry the message of Al‑Anon Family Groups across the globe. Someone seeking the opportunity to make a difference as described in this excerpt from the book When I Got Busy, I Got Better (P‑78), page 34:

“My picture of Lois also reminds me of a simple truth that I often overlook: Our program exists only because of the thousands of members like Lois who have been willing to serve others. Al‑Anon is literally comprised of service: Without it, there would be no fellowship. Because no meeting takes place without it, service must be acknowledged as one of the cornerstones of Al‑Anon. Every day that I attend a meeting or make contact with Al‑Anon, I am benefiting from a long and continuous line of service extending back as far as Lois.

“Isaac Newton said of his life and work that, if he had seen so far, it was “by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Perhaps we in this program should adapt his reflection and acknowledge that, if in Al‑Anon we have seen so far, it is because we have all stood on the shoulders of those who have prepared the way for us.

“Participating in service has clearly demonstrated to me some of the day‑to‑day reality of recovery in Al‑Anon stretching back over the last half‑century; it has given me a sense that there is lasting hope in the world and that I can make a difference in preserving and imparting a continuing sense of positive achievement.”

Interested candidates, please send cover letter, including details of your Al‑Anon service history, together with your professional resume to, no later than June 20, 2022.