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Fall into Service

Did you ever wonder how Al‑Anon is held together? How is it that the Al‑Anon program of hope is the same everywhere that Al‑Anon meetings take place? What is a structure? What is

September 24, 2018|

“Forum” Articles Are Shared Around the World

Many international Structures, that is, Al-Anon service entities outside of the US and Canada, publish monthly or quarterly newsletters in print or online. Many of these small offices struggle to find enough articles

September 12, 2018|

Terms Used in Al-Anon Service—WSO Notes

Panel—A panel consists of one-third of the Delegates attending the World Service Conference. A panel is elected every year for a three-year term. The elections of the three panels are staggered so that

August 30, 2018|

Can We Talk…Please?

Growing up in my alcoholic home, no matter what the issue was, whoever yelled the loudest won. By forcing solutions, I set myself up for many battles throughout my life. When I arrived

August 30, 2018|

Newcomer Finds Hope with Al-Anon WSO

“Do you have these meetings in Rapid City that I can go to? I mainly want to know how to support, what to do in the event of a relapse. This is something

August 30, 2018|

Make Your Outreach Plans for Recovery Day!

During the month of September, addiction recovery is celebrated in Canada and presents an opportunity for Al‑Anon and Alateen members to help raise awareness about family recovery available in Al‑Anon. Participating in the

August 1, 2018|