There’s a slogan for that!

As a mother of two young adult boys who have multigenerational problem drinking in their genealogy, I sometimes wonder if they’re developing their own problems with alcohol. I sometimes worry that they will end up like their dad and/or grandparents. It was only when my anger at the disease of alcoholism had become so overwhelming that I sought help from the Al-Anon program.

At first, the Steps and Traditions were a little too deep to try to unravel. The slogans, however, were just the thing I needed to get through each day. As soon as I became preoccupied with where my adult son was going, or how much alcohol he was consuming, I could take “One Day at a Time.” If he asked me for money to support his habits, I could “Let Go and Let God.” No matter what life threw at me, I could use a slogan to handle it.

Now with the advancements in technology, there are “apps” to help one do various things instantly. The same goes with Al-Anon. No matter what life throws at you, Al‑Anon has a slogan for that!

By Maxine D., Newfoundland/Labrador
The Forum, July 2016

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  1. Bernadine B. November 2018 at 5:35 pm

    I am only 3 months into Al-Anon. I am getting ready for my first program/speech. I want to talk about Slogans that pertain to Step 4 and I am having a problem in this area. If I was just talking about slogans I would have no problem but the relationship to Step 4 and slogans, well now I am lost.

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