After brother’s treatment, woman finds support in Al-Anon

When the court ordered my brother to enter a treatment center, his family became active with the treatment center’s family program. I saw big changes in my sister-in-law. I was attracted to those changes and started to attend her group sessions. During an intake meeting, the counselor said I had to attend Al Anon once a week in order to participate in the family session.

Being a good girl and doing what the counselor told me to do, I attended Al Anon. I received some healing from the treatment center’s program, but found my real recovery in Al Anon. I learned skills and received tools and a support system I never knew existed. Walking into my first Al Anon meeting was like walking into the middle of a really good conversation. I didn’t know what the Al Anon members were talking about, but I liked what I heard. Al Anon was the first place where I felt like I fit. Now I feel like I fit into life!

by Debbie P., Arizona

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  1. Jen July 2018 at 10:11 am

    I’ve spent the last week with my brother who is an alcoholic and a zanax/oxy abuser. Today is the day that he will finally be admitted into a drug rehab center and I am praying to the Lord that he doesn’t change his mind at the last minute! I came to this website for some advise/support to help me get him there and to say the right encouraging words to him. The Serenity Prayer helps, but we are getting down to the wire here and I just hope he chooses the right path to his sobriety.

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