Al-Anon is compatible with professional counseling

Dr. David C. McMillian, LPC, LMFT
Marriage and Family Therapy, Counseling
Shreveport, Louisiana

People who attend Al‑Anon have reported significant improvement in their well-being, daily functioning, and overall health. They can find a degree of understanding and acceptance that they will likely find nowhere else.

Al‑Anon can provide a support system that both increases and reinforces what clients are doing in therapy. Al‑Anon is not meant to be a substitute for individual counseling. Through the years, I’ve had many clients attend both Al‑Anon and their sessions with me. I’ve generally found many benefits for the client, including a sense of belonging by identifying with others who have experienced the same types of problems. Also, Al‑Anon provides a structure for spiritual healing and the discovering of a sense of self-worth.

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