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Reaching for Personal Freedom—Living the Legacies takes a very personal approach in helping members familiarize themselves with our three Legacies. Insightful introductions of each of the Twelve Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of Service are followed by perceptive examples from members who share how they have applied these principles to their personal lives. Each story is accompanied by thought-provoking questions and space to write.

This workbook can be used for personal study, partnership with a Sponsor, or group study during meetings. Reaching for Personal Freedom gives readers an opportunity to expand their understanding of the spiritual foundation of our program and experience a new awareness of their personal potential.


“The most essential part of this workbook is our personal response to these questions. As we write our answers and participate in this process, we become co-authors of the workbook. As we proceed, this workbook becomes a record of our personal path to recovery, while it also connects us to a fellowship-wide process that we have in common with other Al-Anon members around the world.

We hope that this workbook will provide new opportunities to apply the wisdom within Al-Anon’s three Legacies to the challenges of daily living. When we open ourselves to the spiritual principles in these Legacies, we can find abundant possibilities for growth and fulfillment.”

From Reaching for Personal Freedom
óLiving the Legacies

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Here’s what some members are saying about Reaching for Personal Freedom—Living the Legacies:

  • I am very impressed with this workbook. I think it is very polished, and can provide great insight to members. Because the questions relate to specific sharings, there appears to be a level of depth and detail not present in the Legacy questions in Paths to Recovery.

  • This workbook will be good for individual use, or group and workshop discussions.

  • Reaching for Personal Freedom is an excellent tool for Step Study. I think the stories and summaries of the Steps are clear and to the point.

  • I think the workbook sharings and questions are very good—for either a fairly new member or a longtime member. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • I think the Reaching for Personal Freedom workbook is an outstanding addition to the Al-Anon library of Conference Approved Literature! As a Literature Committee member who was initially ambivalent about this project, all I can say is thank goodness for the group conscience!

  • Nice mix of perspectives and approaches. The questions are very conductive to discussion and introspection.

  • I really liked the journey through the Twelve Traditions and how they apply in our everyday lives. It feels “new” rather than a repeat of how other pieces of literature walk us through the Traditions.

  • The questions are thought-provoking and the stories have great variety, as well as delightful, insightful observations.

  • What stood out clearly to me was that the entire workbook had a “feel’” of taking care of ourselves via personal use of the Legacies “in all our affairs.” It covered key areas in ways that I had not thought of. I really liked it!

  • Reading on the Concepts and their application to daily living has provided me with a better understanding of the Concepts. Now they are not just something that is applied to the AWSC, the WSO, or the WSC. The questions allowed me to examine the Concepts and my own life.

  • Very well done. It provides a very clear description/explanation of the ways alcoholism interferes with group dynamics—not only within our fellowship but in relationships, families, and workplaces—and how the program’s principles serve as concrete tools to amend our thinking and behavior.

  • I think having the questions right after each sharing is a great idea. It allows the reader to reflect more. I liked seeing a variety of slogans used throughout the sharings.